What We Do?

In our modern greenhouse heated by geothermal energy, we are producing with the Certificate of Good Agricultural Practices. Our basic principle is to bring healthy and reliable products to your table.

Yenita Geothermal Greenhouse

We started production for the first time in 2009 in our modern geothermal heated greenhouse located in Yenicekent town of Buldan district of Denizli. The most important reason for choosing the Bandita genus, which is a hybrid seed for 20 years, is that it has been in production for many years and it is preferred because of its color and taste. Although it is not a very productive tomato genus when it is considered commercially, we preferred Bandita Salkım Domatesi as Yenita and wrote our name on the product because it is very suitable for our quality-oriented perspective. In the spring of 2010, we have been awarded the ITU (Good Agricultural Practices Certificate) by ETKO. We decided to switch to ITU system with the aim of reflecting our philosophy of conscious consumers and their view of life into the product. Although it is a challenging choice, the most important reason for us to prefer ETKO is that the company has a very serious approach to ITU and organic issues. For this reason, you can safely consume our Yenita tomatoes. We never want you to consume any product that will harm ourselves and our children.

OutturnYenicekent, Denizli

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