International Patent: PCT / TR2019 / 050633

We had to prevent the pollution caused by synthetics, non-recyclable materials and additives entering our natural eco system.

Along with the textile industry, synthetic garments, which are mostly preferred due to their technical properties, have caused serious contamination of our water and many living things, including humans, to enter the food chain as micro plastics.

The breakdown of the food chain also means the deterioration of our health and eco system.

In order to stop this extinction, not only the consumer society, but also the textile industry had to produce sustainable solutions.

For this reason, we are proud to have developed the “Super Cotton” of today, thanks to the natural properties we have added to cotton with the EOC process we developed as a result of the research we started in 2012.

2017 Turkey’s most innovative SME Award and 2018 in Turkey’s most prestigious environmental award and again in 2018 at the Istanbul Gold Values ​​Award deserving of this invention has proven to be a great value for the future of our planet.

EOC also emerged as a result of the work of an academic team. The articles prepared by the EOC team, which includes important scientists and designers, attract attention at international symposia. Isa Dal, chairman of the EOC team and having an opinion, also runs the EOC as a doctoral thesis.


  • In our daily life, we have achieved an antibacterial result of up to 86% as a result of our analysis, especially on bacteria that affect children.
  • Antibacterial properties are used in baby products, sports textiles, hotels, spas etc. It can be used in public areas, hospitals, as well as in any field under harsh working conditions where contact with bacteria is experienced in all ways.
  • Providing thermal absorption along with its dehumidification feature, EOC has an effect of increasing the libido by electromagnetic shielding in the genital area with underwear.
  • EOC has the feature of shielding harmful rays from the sun. EOC, which has received UPF (Ultraviolett Protection Factor) 50+ results in tests performed in internationally accredited laboratories, is the best result naturally obtained in this field with 100% cotton. EOC gives you close to 99% protection.
Project Process2012-2018
International Patent NoPCT / TR2019 / 050633
Awards2017 - Turkey's Most Innovative SME Award
Awards2018 - In Turkey's Most Prestigious Environmental Award
Awards2018 - Istanbul Golden Values ​​Award

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