About Decubitex

DECUBITEX is an award-winning, high-tech, medical technical textile product designed to prevent and relieve decubitus ulcer. It is also a textile product consisting of a high-end pillowcase and a sheet that can be used by those with excessive sweating.

The first target with the use of Decubitex is to protect the patient from its own irritating acid-containing moisture and to support the blood circulation in the compression areas. The contact of moisture with the skin continues on the normally used sheets and mattresses. Decubiteks fiber, on the other hand, rapidly evaporates moisture with the air cells formed in its lower layer and minimizes contact of the patient’s skin with acidic liquid. As a second feature, the Decubitex fabric that comes into contact with the skin moves together with the skin during the position change, preventing the friction causing the scratch on the skin thanks to the slipperiness of the lower cell layers. Decubitex has the feature of removing moisture from your body 20 times faster than bed sheets and beds used in home or hospital conditions. 4-year R & D resulting work product, Turkey and abroad and has also aroused interest outside hope for patients with probable formation of pressure sores.

The story

Thanks to a special fiber found by three entrepreneurs from Denizli on a study trip at the technical textiles fair in Germany in 2011, they came up with an extraordinary idea that could prevent the formation of pressure sores. On top of that, the project they started with Pamukkale University Textile Engineering Department was approved for TUBITAK support. For 4 years, Assoc. Dr. As a result of research, production and tests conducted in Pamukkale University intensive care unit under the leadership of Yüksel İkiz, Decubitex has been revealed.

Project Process2011-2015
Awards2016 - TIM University Industry Cooperation Award

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